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Survivor Project

I am a photographer. I am a feminist. I am a survivor. The Survivor Project is giving Survivors of sexual trauma a voice and an opportunity to be SEEN and heard. Not as victims, but as fierce humans who survive daily - especially in the triggering climate we are currently in. I will be sharing empowering elements of each person's story, along with the portraits. This project, forged in the spring of 2018, emerged not only out of the need to tell my own story, but to advocate for and support all of the Survivors around me.

If you would like to participate in the Survivor Project, please send me an email with a brief synopsis of your story - focusing on the survivor part - what does it look like for you, being on the other side of "victim"? If you live outside of the Portland area, you are still welcome to participate with your story. If you DO live in the area, please include area and availability to shoot.

Please note that I am photographing ANYONE who has a story to tell.

Thank you and much love.

*** Please support Survivor Project through GoFundMe